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Colombia Dark Roast Coffee, 427°F
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Black Cherry. Cocoa. Caramel


These beans have a smooth yet unmistakable flavor profile. Composed of sweet, fruity, woody and nutty tones these notes result from their ideal growing conditions: shade grown in rich volcanic soil high up in the Colombian Andes. This brew is loved by many for its flavor or malt, walnuts, and black cherry, along with wood-toned chocolate notes in the finish.




Origin : South America

Antioquia, Colombia
Located in the central northwestern part of Colombia. This region is where coffee was first introduced to Colombia. It has the largest growing area of all Colombian coffee growing regions. The central and western mountain ranges (cordilleras) cross the region making the area capable of keeping ideal coffee growing conditions.


Region :

Antioquia, Colombia

Roast :

Dark, 427°F

Process :


Altitude :

1,300 - 2,200m

Harvest :

September - December
April - May

Recommended Brewing Methods

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Customer Reviews

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Strong NOT Bitter

Great taste with a punch without being bitter.


Delicious coffee. And the customer service is wonderful.

Thank you for your review! Hope you enjoy our coffee :)

Magnificent Brew

Went to NY, grabbed a small bag of ground and hit it with a pour over in hotel…WOW!! Bestest coffee I’ve ever had and immediately joined the monthly delivery club of 5lbs beans! Don’t quite get through 5lbs a month but having a stash is most idyllic!!

emmanuel badalov
Love this coffee

The best one

Christian Y
There is a difference.

I bought this coffee a few years ago for my girlfriend as a gift while I was visiting my brother in Brooklyn. I haven’t been in New York recently, but have really missed the taste of this coffee, and to my luck I see there’s an online shop for it, so that’s an immediate buy. So delicious, I’m not even an huge coffee person, but there is such a difference in taste and quality here. Only problem is, I wish I bought more!