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  • Brazil, Medium 408°F
  • Peru, Medium 408°F
  • Mexico, Medium 408°F
  • Colombia, Dark 427°F
  • Manhattan Blend, City 412°F
  • Brooklyn Blend, City 412°F
  • Whole Bean
  • Ground
  • 12oz Bag
  • 5lb Bag


We have an assortment of single-origin & blends.

Origin : South America

Antioquia, Colombia
Located in the central northwestern part of Colombia. This region is where coffee was first introduced to Colombia. It has the largest growing area of all Colombian coffee growing regions. The central and western mountain ranges (cordilleras) cross the region making the area capable of keeping ideal coffee growing conditions.


Region :

Antioquia, Colombia

Roast :

Dark, 427°F

Process :


Altitude :

1,300 - 2,200m

Harvest :

September - December
April - May

Recommended Brewing Methods

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Our Customers

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Beth Saidel
Drinking it right now!

We’re devoted to the Columbia dark roast…

Chris Peterson

Love, love, love this coffee. Went to NYC and grabbed a bag in the local shop…best coffee ever and subscribed to a 5 lb bag each month!!

Thank you so much and great to hear that!
We'll continue to do our best to roast high quality coffee beans!!

Patti Shelton
Love this coffee!

My son brought me a bag of your coffee from NY when he came to visit for Christmas. I loved the rich, smooth taste so much that I subscribed for the beans myself!

jasmin dzogovic
Great purchase

Great ground coffee, came in fresh and below store price. Also can collect rewards for future coffee.

Nick Hamilton
Shipping Box

The shipping box used was huge, at least 10x the size needed. Coffe was just placed inside so we thrown around inside the box etc. No issues with breakage, but something to conisder

Thank you for your suggestion.
We have been working to improve packaging!