The Origins of Brooklyn Lab Coffee

Brooklyn Lab Coffee was born from a series of serendipitous meetings by three coffee-loving individuals over a cup of… yep, coffee. 

After years of working as designers in NYC, Brooklyn Lab’s founders Don and DH—friends since high school and coffee enthusiasts—decided to quit their jobs and pursue their long-time dream of running their own café. The duo successfully opened a coffee shop in NYC but soon realized that life would not be complete without roasting their own coffee beans. 

This was when Jason, another coffee enthusiast and their college alum who had studied engineering, joined the team. The three launched Brooklyn Lab Coffee to create a specialty coffee brand that would rely on scientific processes to make high quality coffee at competitive prices. Soon, they sold their café and focused solely on the roastery. In 2020, we sold our first batch of coffee and became one of the fastest growing specialty coffee brands among NYC specialty grocery stores. As demand for our coffee grew, Brooklyn Lab Coffee has started supplying coffee to cafes, restaurants, and delis in New York and beyond. 

With practicing coffee science as our motto, we are dedicated to quality and ethics, ensuring fair trade practices and environmentally friendly initiatives in our roastery operations. This includes a rigorous recertification process of USDA organic status each year. 

We continue to experiment and explore our offerings, from unique blends to single-origin roasts, and hope that you will join us in our journey of making some amazing coffee at competitive prices!

About Us

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